Music is all around me. 

My life would be so sad if I didn’t have music in it. I listen music all of the time, in my car when I go to work, at work to stay focused ( yes it’s strange but it’s works for me), when I am alone, when I am with friends, and at parties. I think that we can have a song for every situation.

I recently moved from Paris to Boston and my playlist is with me all the time. I changed my life, I live in a new country with a new language and new people. The only thing that is not different here is the music. I think that music connects people, even if you do not have the same taste, everybody has a favorite song. 

Today, I decided to share 8 songs of my playlist.  These songs are not new but they all have something special for me.

I have many types of music, don’t be surprised if I start with Beyonce and I finished with Coldplay.

Beyoncé – Run the world

Queen Bee is a real diva and every song is DOPE.  Everyone who knows me on this earth, know that I love Queen Bee. Especially, this song which makes me feel powerful.


MHD is a new French artist and his album is very good. I selected this song because it’s about friendship and weddings. When I listen his music it reminds me of the feeling that I had when my best friend got married. MHD mixes Rap and African rhythms and I love that!


Lost Frequencies – Beautiful life

This song is everything. Beautiful life everything is on the title right ?


Tory Lanez – LUV

I heard this song everywhere on US Radio. When I hear it, I think to holidays, good cocktails, and my husband. I think is this kind of song that I will listen with my hubby when we go on our honeymoon to Mexico .


Kiiara – Gold

I’m French and sometimes like many of the time I don’t understand all the lyrics. When I listened to Kiiara, I was totally in love with that song and I looking for the lyrics and I discovered that on the song she is a bitch, but I love it.


Backstreet Boys – Everybody

When I went to my first party in Boston, the DJ played this song! Everybody rocked their body ( me included). This song is old but is a classic in USA and I love it.

Drake – Started from the bottom

Drake is one of artist of this year, I could put ‘Controlla’ or ‘Fake Love’ or ‘One Dance’ but ‘Started from the Bottom’ is my favorite. It reminds me that I started in the suburb of France. I was not sure what my life will be and now I’ve a great job and I’m married to my better half. So, I started to the bottom and now I’m here.

Aluna George ft Popcaan

The last one, the mix is really good. I want to dance every time I listen this song. It reminds me of the big party where my friend and I went back to Paris and danced all night.


What about you ? Tell me what is your favorite song ?

Hope you will enjoy my first post in english, thank you Freda for your help <3!



  • Yueming

    December 14, 2016

    I have to say your first time writing in English is much better than I did! Thank you for sharing your favorite music list 😉

  • December 14, 2016

    First, congratulations for you’re first post in English ! I love that ! I love your playlist too !
    Sarah du blog Le Carnet de Cerise

  • December 15, 2016

    Last Summer I was in London for 3 weeks so it’s a pleasure to speak English with you even I think my English is a little bit bad (FRENCH GIRL YOU KNOW !)

    I love your post, I love music, all my life I’m listening music and Queen Bee is one of the best 😉
    To my mind, I listen everyday Bruno Mars I love him so so so much (I’m crazy ) !
    Never mind, you English is good (not like me) and i enjoy your futur post sweety !
    kiss <3


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